Gipsy wedding with fireworks

You might have attended so many weddings in your life but have you ever been to any funny wedding ? This wedding is different from others. I am sure that you have never watched this kind of wedding before. While

watching it you could not stop laughing. In this video a Gipsy couple is happily getting married but somehow funny and stupid things happen and make this wedding funny and memorable.

Some part of the floor is paved with a red carpet for the couple to walk on and is decorated with different flowers. Two conical anars are placed on the both sides of the carpet in the beginning. Then bride and groom enter wearing all white, bride in white wedding gown and groom in white suit. Two men keep those lightning fireworks out of the way for the couple to pass through, but when bride walks, her gown touches the fireworks placed there and fortunately somehow does not catch the fire. She becomes first bride to leave her groom behind, isn’t it funny ? After this nothing goes right in the marriage. When they hardly manage to pass this first dangerous task then another follows. The bride tries to save herself from being hit by the cap of the wine bottle but fortunately nothing goes wrong with the wine open task. They drink it and throw the glasses back away over their heads but at the back one glass hits a man on his foot.

When everything seems to be going right in the marriage then how can an uncle standing there can let the things go right. He starts firework and it looks amazing in the beginning but then it troubles everyone out there. There is smoke everywhere and crackers all around troubling people. A lady is walking towards the couple and then suddenly a firework cracks close to her and it seems like her dress catches little fire but she manages to save herself and then walks back. Then the groom starts complaining about it to that old man.I think the couple looks cute and happy at least until the crazy old man starts firework trying to shoot everyone out there. The musicians were playing the lovely music and when old man starts the fireworks, the background music becomes intense.

People around the world do not like Gipsy people much because if you search on internet about them then you will come to know that they are living from stealing, robbing, kidnapping, raping, mugging, cheating and prostitution. They refuse to work even if they are offered a job. They live in dirty places. But anyways this is the funniest marriage i have ever seen in my life. All theses little things made this wedding a memorable wedding, not only for the couple but for everyone who has watched it. May God bless them with a happy married life and i wish such things never happen to them again.